Tresca bvba originated from a so called 'commanditaire vennootschap' that was established in 2006 by several engineers who have an extensive experience in the development and design of machinery for many different kind of industries. Tresca was recently extended by some programmers with a broad knowledge of development of customised software. This synergy of capabilities makes Tresca your suitable partner for the development, the design and the optimisation of machinery or mechanical constructions ànd for IT applications.


We are dedicated to put our expertise at the service of small and medium-sized companies who need professional and high qualitative technical advice. We strive for a fair, respectful and confidential relation with our clients and we aim to give our clients the utmost satisfaction.


TRESCA (TEchnical Studies & Computer Applications) is the name of a French mechanical engineer: Henri Édouard Tresca. He was born in Duinkerke on the 12th of October 1814 and died in Paris on the 21st of June 1885. Henri Tresca also was professor at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in Paris. He discovered the 'Tresca criterion' or the 'criterion of maximal shear stress'. This criterion is still one of the main criteria used today, besides the 'von Mises criterion', specifying plastic deformation of a material. Tresca also invented the modified X-shape cross-section of the former 'standard metre' that was preserved in Sèvres nearby Paris. He is one of the 72 French people whose names are engraved on the Eiffel tower.